Why should I book before I arrive to Canary Islands?

We highly recommend you book your activities in advance.

Canary Islands have become a very popular holiday destination for both  adrenalin seekers and sightseeing enthusiasts. As a result many  activities get booked up and are full many months in advance.

We see so many frustrated tourists spending much of their time on Canary Islands being disappointed when an activity is full.

We want you to enjoy and experience as much of Canary Islands as you can in  the time you have here that is why we are here.

Let us take the stress out of arranging what to do. If you are not sure what  you want to do after reading our website, simply contact us and tell us a little about what you are interested in, how much time you have in Canary Islands and we can  arrange it all for you. Remember we don't charge any booking fee and all  activities and bookings are the same or lower price as those offered by the operator directly.

Once I  have received my E-ticket will my experience definitely go ahead?

Once you receive your E-ticket it means your experience has been booked, you must ring the operator the night before to reconfirm your booking. This is done to ensure the operator has enough people on the trip for it to go  ahead: The operator reserves the absolute right to cancel any service as a  result of weather conditions, insufficient reservations or any other unforeseen  event or circumstances. Please read our terms of use for more  detailed information.

What  happens if its bad weather?

Many activities such as scenic flights and other air activities are weather dependent. This is the reason we ask you ring the operator on the day and the  specified time to check the weather conditions. If your experience is cancelled  by the operator due to bad weather, you have the option of rescheduling your  trip for another time or day with the operator, if this is not possible for you  or you simply don't wish to go at another time please email us and we will arrange a refund back onto your credit card.

Is there  a booking fee or any hidden costs?

NO. CanaryExperience.com does not charge you for the services we provide. All  prices quoted are the same or lower as those offered by the operators directly. We pride ourselves on offering a service to you at no additional cost.

Is it  cheaper if I book direct?

No. CanaryExperience.com does not charge you extra fees for the services we  provide. All prices quoted are lower or the same as those offered by the  operators directly.

Can I  change my booking?

Activities can be rescheduled provided you give at least 48 hours notice and  if consent is given by the operator. You can re-schedule by calling the  respective operator directly using the phone number provided on your e-ticket.  If you are changing a booking several weeks or months in advance you can simply  email or call us and we'll be happy to sort it out for you.

Can I  cancel my booking?

Once you have received your e-ticket via email a cancellation policy is as follow:

  • FREE cancellation 48 hours before, 100% of your prepayment will be refund.
  • If cancelled, modified  or no-show within 48 hours  before, 100%   of the prepayment will be NOT refund.
  • Prepayment: we charge you this low percentage (between 5% and 20%, depending of activity type) of the price of the experience you have chosen.

This amount will be subtracted from the total price, so once you arrive to enjoy your experience, OPERATOR will charge you ONLY the difference between total price and prepayment you made.

The main reason to charge prepayment is to avoid fake booking made by  unserious clients.

Please read our terms of use for more  detailed information.

What  happens if I lose my ticket?

No signed e-ticket = NO ACTIVITY. Just the same as booking a flight, if you  don't have your ticket with a valid signature then you can't do the experience. If you do lose the ticket email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can resend your E-ticket.